Bayberry Crayons

"Belles chandelles! Petits belles chandelles—Madame!” Belles chandelles, M'sieu! Madame— belles chandelles/”
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Savon Vegan. Vegan soaps. Handmade in the Louisiana Creole and Cajun tradition, hot process, in a cauldron with potassium hydroxide (potash). Our Louisiana Créole and Cajun bars are hard thick bars. It is also Our tradition to make soft soap known as Potasse and glycerin soap known as sweet soaps. Our vegan soft soap are stored in vegetable gourds, also a La Creole tradition. Our Louisiana vegan soaps are made with Chinese vegetable tallow which are homegrown (as shown to the right), Chinese soapberries also known as Chinaballs, Bayberry wax, and Western soapberries. All these vegetable tallow and saponins are use traditionally to make soap here in Louisiana, the Créole State, Mississippi river's child.

Louisiana Creole Original Yellow Soap. Hard Soap. Hot Process soap.
Savon Camomine et Laurier | Laurel Soap Chamomile
Savon Pimenté et Menthe et Laurier  | Laurel Soap w/ Spearmint & Peppermint
Savon Jasmin et Laurier | Laurel soap w/ Jasmine
Savon gingembre et Laurier | Laurel soap w/ Wild gingembre
Savon Mimosa et Laurier | Laurel Soap w/ mimosa
Savon vétiver et Laurier | Laurel soap vetiver
Savon Rose et Laurier | Laurel Soap Rose
ÙCM Collection of La Créole | Kréyòl | Criollo | Crioulo | Der Creole Secrets de toilette, Chandelles et Thés {Frm The St. Charles Streetcar House Garden Apiary}