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"Acheter Belles chandelles! Petits belles chandelles~Madame!” Belles savon, M'sieu! Madame~ belles savon et chandelles de ancien Cannes Brûlées.”

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J'vous garantis {I guarantee!}:

You are in our charge and I will take care of you and that means Cher/Shær, I will take care of your items and order from Start to Finish. I Am apart of a Small Family and Minority run Business. A 3rd generation entrepreneur. All orders are made to order until our inventory builds back up. This way I am Sure your Products gets Optimum Care.

I am a Louisiana Créole Traiteur {A Healer} of French Creole, Spanish Creole, Native American and Irish Creole, German Creole of Swedish descent. All of my products are made in the Louisiana Creole tradition. All of my soaps are hot processed, made with lye or potash, cooked in a copper or cast iron kettles. (Cauldron Method). All of our products are made with native indigenous Louisiana ingredients and naturalized ingredients to Louisiana Crèole soil. My products are made with Louisiana Myrtle Tallows and rare California Myrtle wax. Chinese Vegetable tallow grown from my back yard which is known as Le jardin du Traiteur {Garden of a Healer}. Chinese Soapberries and Western Soapberries will be incorporated in my country soaps. From time to time I may have palm oil in my vegetable tallow and saponin soaps. The Palm oil I use is sustainable because its Palm plant is grown in my garden and expressed in house {La Maison de Traiteur} . To keep with tradition, I will make animal based soap, skin care and household purpose products, such as Mutton tallow soaps and body lotions.

My products are not animal tested, bio degradable, environmental friendly and non hazardous to our employees. My products does not can Nickel, Sulfates, parabens, artificial coloring and artificial fragrances.

I will give you Free Shipping on purchase of $50 or more beauty products orders. UPS is my shipping Carrier.

J'vous garantis, {I GUARANTEE} you will receive the Best (Above & Beyond) Customer Service. I have Phenomenal Customer Service!. I have been in business and operating our online store fourteen years. I currently accept PayPal & Currently adding Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover cards.

ÙCM Collection of La Créole | Kréyòl | Criollo | Crioulo | Der Creole Secrets de toilette, Chandelles et Thés {Frm The St. Charles Streetcar House Garden Apiary}