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Oktob | Octob is International Créole Heritage Month. What more than to Celebrate this rich Truly Unique Heritage of Louisiana Créoles and experience the La Créole Secrets Toillette Chandliers Apothecaries Potpouri et Thés. Indulge in Essence of Paradise.
Yellow Soap {Savon Jonn}
Yellow Soap, Savon Jonn as known in Louisiana (the Creole State), is like no other. Yellow soap is not made with sodium hydroxide (lye) as the soaps and "beauty bars" we commonly use today. In fact, it is made with potash, potassium hydroxide, the cousin of sodium hydroxide. Our yellow soap, is made by mixing potassium hydroxide into Louisiana Favorite spring water, Kentwood distilled water. After the distilled water and potassium hydroxide mixture is cooked to the right temperature, it is mixed with tallow. In the past, Louisiana was named by The United States of America as the Creole State because the two dominant languages of Louisiana was French and Louisiana Creole. Through the dominance of Our two languages and French culture, everything was named Creole that was indigenous here. From flowers, to farm animals to the food and people.

Flash forward to the present, Louisiana's state nickname was changed from the Creole State to the Sport state. Why the Sports state? Well, it is do in part to the plentiful amount of Sport (game) here in Louisiana. The Tallow we use to make our yellow soap, comes from the local butcher and can be Duck tallow, Deer tallow, Bear tallow and etc. If the tallow is not used, it will simply go to waste. Let's think about the balance of things. We do provide a Vegetable Tallow Yellow Soap, which is made with Chinese tallow that is homegrown from the Chinese tallow tree that grows abundantly in our backyard. Chinese tallow has been used as a exotic and lovely alternative to animal tallow.

The last ingredient we place in our yellow soap mixture is resin. This particular resin we have added to our yellow soap, comes from the pine forests of Louisiana, that are culturally known as certified Cajun pine lumber/timber. It is because of pine resin that Louisiana Creole Yellow soap gets its name, Savon Jonn.

Once, our yellow soap is completely mixed and cooked for a few hours, our yellow soap is poured into metal molds. The soap molds are placed in our back yard, so the cool crisp breeze of the Louisiana humid climate harden the yellow soap. The following day, our yellow soap is ready to be cut. Once, cut into bars of soap (barre de Savon; pain de Savon), they placed on soap boards to finish hardening in the Louisiana southern floral air.

Our yellow soap (savon jonn) in a hot processed soap, which means, that are yellow soap do not take months or weeks to harden as cold process soap does. Which is great because you can have one of our nourishing, moisturizing bars of soap (barre de Savon; pain de Savon) made in the Louisiana Creole way (the French, Spanish and African way) through caldron method, instantly.

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