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"Belles chandelles! Petits belles chandelles—Madame!” Belles chandelles, M'sieu! Madame— belles chandelles/”
Historic Savon Rose et Laurier | Laurel Soap Rose
Savon Rose et Laurier | Laurel Soap Rose
Savon Rose et Laurier | Laurel Soap Rose
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Product Description
Savon de la Louisiane à la Rose et au Laurier. Hard thick bar of soap. Handmade lye soap.

Nourish and condition your skin with the Creamy, Big, fluffy lather of Our Historical Louisiana, Laurel soap with romantic rose petals. Laurel soap with rose has a favorable balsamic aroma which has been found pleasant to both women and men.

Laurel Soap with rose is made of Louisiana Myrtle wax also known as Laurel wax. The Myrtle wax come from boiling the Myrtle berries in water. As a result the berries sink to the bottom and the wax floats to the surfaces of the water. Laurel rose soap also contains Louisiana Salt from L.A. Salt caves/mines, sodium hydroxide and organic or fresh picked roses. Both inside and on top of this superior bar of Laurel soap, the roses petals are a nice finishing botanical touch. Our Laurel soap with rose is a green or white colored soap due in part to the colors of the Bayberry/Myrtle/Laurel wax, which is grayish green to bluish green to grayish white.

Health benefits: Bayberry|Myrtle wax| Laurel wax - gently removes dirt, excess sebum and sweat. Enriched with Omega 7 fatty acids which nourished, moisturizers and conditions chapped, cracked and peeling skin. Omega 7 fatty acids nourished the skin and hair from the inside out.
ÙCM Collection of La Créole | Kréyòl | Criollo | Crioulo | Der Creole Secrets de toilette, Chandelles et Thés {Frm The St. Charles Streetcar House Garden Apiary}