Bain et Corps

"Acheter Belles chandelles! Petits belles chandelles~Madame!” Belles savon, M'sieu! Madame~ belles savon et chandelles de ancien Cannes Brûlées.”
Louisiana Créole Firewood
Limited offer ~ Louisiana Créole Firewood
Louisiana Créole Firewood. This firewood is hand chopped Boire, White wax berry trees from Our Healer's garden. Boire, Louisiana French for Chicken foot tree which is also known as the popcorn tree or white wax (tallow)berry tree to Americans, has been used by Louisiana Creoles for firewood and wood for picket fences., alongside Cypress. In short supply we offer you this beautiful Orient wood to light up your fireplace and keep your family warm during the Holidays.

ÙCM Collection of La Créole | Kréyòl | Criollo | Crioulo | Der Creole Secrets de toilette, Chandelles et Thés {Frm The St. Charles Streetcar House Garden Apiary}