Bayberry Crayons

"Belles chandelles! Petits belles chandelles—Madame!” Belles chandelles, M'sieu! Madame— belles chandelles/”
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Beeswax candles made with local Louisiana beeswax. Louisiana beeswax is sweeter than beeswax from other states of United States. Our beeswax is a product of our local honeybees collecting the pollen of local Chinese Tallow trees, white tallow trees. Beeswax candles inspired by Louisiana Créole confectionary and beverages items. As well as Beeswax Aromatherapy and Beeswax Apothecary candles influenced by the herbs, spices and florals grown in our healer's garden. Most of our beeswax candles are stored in glass bubble bowls, which was one of the ways candles were stored in Louisiana, historically speaking.

Real Bayberry candle. Made with Louisiana Wax Myrtle.
Candles made from white Tallowberry from Louisiana Chicken tree. Also known as the Chinese tallow tree.
Bayberry Votives
Bayberry Candles
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