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What to Buy Créole Mothers for Mother's Day?

The first cookware, Créoles of the state of Louisiana used were clay pots. Iron pots weren't created yet or readily available, French Créole/Metis mothers to use for cooking our most prized cuisine. Clay pots used in the Southern parts of the American Continent as been noted as Pre Colombian. It as be well documented and studied that Our Native Maerican ancestors traveled from throughout both parts of the North and South American continent. No trade languages were developed

Clay pots are a traditional cookware that has been passed down to us Créoles/Metis from Native American tribes such as Chactah (Choctaw), Creek, Cherokee, Nahuas tribes and the Meditererean people of Spain, for slow cooking over a chimney fire or gas/electric stove (range) or in a modern today oven. For those of us that also have German and Mexican ancestry slow cooking in clay pots are also used traditionally to prepare wholesome meals.

Cast Iron cookware

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