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The Way of the Cross | Chemin de la Croix
The Way of the Cross
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Chemin de la Croix is French for the Way of the Cross, we share this saying with Standard French spoken in France and with our sister language, Kourivini, Louisiana Créole and her many dialects. Every Friday of Lent and on this day Holy Wednesday, we mediate before we observe the stations of Christ preparing to be crucified for our sins, so that we may be redeemed. In the afternoon, we visit our church and meditate and say prayers then we view the station of the way of the cross. If is a beautiful way to convey what Christ had done for us and confess and atone for the sins we have done over the year. I remember as a little girl in New Orleans, going to mass with my classmates and we would participate in the Chemin de la Croix. I use to fixate on each scene. There were mesmerizing and I would become over come with a stillness and peace. My way of being was quite different from before I set eyes on those scene of Christ having different trials and journey to his final time on this earth. When I look at the different images of his walk to crucifiation and finally crucified, I still get these feelings and I become deep in thought and reflection.

Peace be with you. ~ Ūrjānī

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