Authentic Creole Beverage Sugar Water | Eau Sucrée de Créole Authentique

Authentic Creole Beverage Sugar Water | Eau Sucrée de Créole Authentique
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Quote code here “ Il n ' a pas inventé l ' eau sucrée " ( " He did not invent sugared water " ) ~ Leonard Victor Huber, “Creole Collage” Quote code here to end

To Cool ourselves from the humidity and comfortable heat during our Creole Summers, a nice ice glass of Eau Sucrée, Sugared water, is Just The Remedy.

Utensils you will need

  • French Tumbler
  • Tablespoon

  • Ingredients

  • Fresh Purified Water
  • Domino White Sugar or Cane Sugar

  • Personal touch

    Serve with an embroidered handkerchief


    Pour the fresh purified water into your glass tumbler until the water has somewhat reached underneath the glass tumbler’s brim. Do not pour too much fresh purified water into your glass tumbler. Too much water will cause your sugared water to spill when it is time to place your glass tumbler into your refrigerator or freezer. Or, too much water inside your glass tumbler can cause spillage when it is time to serve the Créole Eau Sucrée, Sugared water. Any water spilling from your glass tumbler can run the risk of dropping your glass tumbler filled with Eau Sucrée. Take you tablespoon and spoof the white or cane sugar and gently stir the sugar into the purified water until the sugar is dissolved. Careful place the glass tumbler of sugared water into your cooled refrigerator or cold freezer.


    Leonard Victor Huber, “Creole Collage Reflections on the Colorful Customs of Latter-day New Orleans Creoles”,

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