Soft Soap {Potasse}
Soft Soap
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Product Description
Our soft soap is made with Louisiana game tallow, such as duck, crow, deer, etc., Kentwood Springs distilled water and potash, potassium hydroxide. Centuries ago, Soft soap, with the t silence, was known to Louisiana Creoles as Potasse, a French word for soap which doesn't hardened at the bottom of the soap kettle. Soft soap, Potasse, has a consistency that resembles whipped soap. The texture and consistency is different than the commercial brand Soft Soap, which is runny, liquidity and stored in a plastic pumped capped bottle. As most liquid soaps are stored in.

Our soft soap is rather thick, creamy and rich, which resembles a whipped textured soap. Yet, we have not whipped our soap at all. The texture and thickness of our soft soap is the result of how we boil our soft soap and what we use to boil our soft soap in. Like all of our soap, we use a cast iron pot and/or kettle. It is also known as a caldron or soap kettle. Soap kettles are synonymous in Louisiana creole culture it is written about in Louisiana creole folk lore and fairy tales.

We use all natural indigenous Louisiana ingredients and Creole made ingredients that reside in different states across the United States such as California, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, and D.C., and other countries such as Mexico and Canada. Whether we are boiling hard soaps are soft soap, we use a sassafras stick to stir our soft soap. This will leave a sweet root beer aroma of our soaps. Sassafras sticks used to stir soap is a Louisiana creole tradition. Once our soft soap has completely boiled and saponified we pour our soft soap in clean sanatized gourds. Using gourds is an African Tradition. In Louisiana Creoles tradition that's carried on from our Guinea ancestors. Gourds were used in African to not only store soft soap but also milk.