Authentic Creole Remedy Sage Tea for Perspiration & Sweat

Authentic Creole Remedy Sage Tea for Perspiration & Sweat

Authentic Creole Remedy Sage Tea for Perspiration & Sweat
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Our Creole Summers can be sweltering and its humidity can be downright unbearable. And where there is blistering heat and humidity, perspiration and sweat soon follow.

Utensils you will need

  • Cast iron teapot or Pyrex Glass teapot
  • Earthen terra-cotta cup
  • Tablespoon
  • Oven mitt

  • Ingredients

  • Powered sage, Dried sage leaves or Fresh sage leaves
  • Purified water

  • Instructions

    Take Fresh Purified Water and place about 1 and 1/2 to 2 cups of the freshly purified water inside your teapot. Place your teapot on top of your range burner and let it rest there until your water boils. Turn in your range and put it on the highest setting. Await for your water to boil. If you are using a glass teapot such as a Pyrex Flameware, you will see the water boiling before the steam flowing outside of the teapot’s pout. Once your water is boiled, turn the range off and with your oven mitt take the teapot and pour a cup the boiling water into earthen terra-cotta cup. Place your teapot back on top of the range burner or on a surface mat that is fire and flame resistant. Take you tablespoon and scoop up a tablespoonful of sage powder. If you are using fresh or dried sage leaves inside of sage powder, take about 2 to 3 sage leaves and place the leaves inside of your earthen terra cotta cup with boiling water. Your sage leaves could be placed inside paper tea bags or muslin cloth bags before placing the sage leaves inside the terra cotta cup of water. Same could be done with sage powder if you like. If bagless powered sage is used instead of sage leaves, simply gently stir the powdered sage with the tablespoon. Wait a few minutes for the sage to incorporate into the water and for the boiled water to cook down before consuming.

    Category: Apothecary


    Usage: Perspiration


    Form: Tea



    Sage tea should not be consumed by pregnant women or women that maybe pregnant. Same can apply to children. Consult a Herbalist, Apothecary (Pharmacist) or Health Care Physician before consuming any herbs. This does not count as medical advice.



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