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Rainy days and bayberry candles

During the Créole Rainy season, when I was young, I would more than likely visiting my half-aunt and her children. Those visits were sometime pleasant and I was introduced to the love of painting and drawing during this stage of my life. It was because it was more than likely raining and the electricity was down while I was visiting. To settle us, my half-aunt would give us, paint, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paper and coloring books to past the time since we could no longer play outside. The object to color or draw then color were birds she would recommend we do. We asked her why she always asked us to color the birds or draw them and she really couldn't give us a clear answer. Her smile was enough for us to move forward and color or paint the birds in peace, harmony and happily. We enjoyed it so much that whenever it rained, it became refuting, we knew to go in the buffet, bar draws and get all of the art supplies for coloring. I even started drawing, painting, sketching and on occasion coloring in coloring books when the electricity went down due to a thunderstorm or hurricane on my own. My mother started asking me question about why I was doing this new found activity to past the time of power outages and she was surprise it was because of the time spend with her half younger sister.

One thing that is great about an activity, as stress relieving and peace maker that drawing, coloring, sketching and painting while the power outage is running its course, due to heavy rainy that make the transformer burst, a thunderstorm, hail storm, tropical storm or hurricane, but engaging in these tranquil activities at candle light. One of the items that my family stock up on for hurricane season, where candles. Yes, my popa had a flashlight maybe two but the flashlight was de-ranked as important and only used for two reasons. These reasons are if he had to go outside to check something and it was still raining or windy. It is because of the rain and wind that the candle wouldn't be an reliable light. The flame would be blown out or the rain would wet the wick and the candle would be unlit. Another season would be if he was going in the basement and desired a brighter light so he can see around the basement clearly. It was also a forethought that if there was any links, that the flashlight would not be effected by the dripping water while the candle probably would.

My parents are of a different generation of course and the love of the light coming from candles was simply viewed as pleasant than flashlights. It like my popa opinion about the far better quality of the screen of black and white filmed television programs to colored filmed television programs. Candlelight homes during the raining season set a tune and the mood of the home. It also setting the tune of the home in a peace and tranquil way.

Notes - Edit the top three paragraphs. Write about the fact that Bayberry has been they candles used during the hurricane season. Talk about more endepth of distressing painting is and how benefitual painting is during a time of hurricane event. The benefits of candle light. How would that help during the hurricane event. End it with recap paragraph.