New Orleans Mardi Gras Flambeaux

Preorder Bayberry Crayons

Get your Bayberry Crayons as a gift to a special child or Budding artist just in time for the Christmas!

Upon the opening of our town Cannes Brles and ville (New Orleans), along with most of the United States from the mandatory shutdown due to Covid -19 spread, we are now taking order for our One of a kind Bayberry crayons as a Christmas gift. Upon ordering Our Original Bayberry crayons, we will special handle and ship your gift throughout the months of October, November & December, just in time for St Nicholas Day (Petit Papa Noel to Upper & Lower Louisiana Creoles), Christmas, Creole Christmas (New Years to Americans & Most people around the world), & Petit Noel (Epiphany to most Americans & Most people around the world excluding Spain.)

Order your bayberry crayons handmade using our Louisiana Wax Myrtle berry wax, hand poured & hand dyed with organic vegetable dye.