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Pre-Order Bayberry Candles Pre-Order Bayberry Candles

Get your Bayberry Candles, “The Christmas Candles” (to Americans) in time for Christmas ! With this uncertain times with current pandemic of Covid-19 we are at this moment taking orders for Christmas, since most of the states within the United States are now partially open from shutdown.

Order now and we will special deliver your Christmas candles, Bayberry candles during the months of October, November & December.

Light just one Bayberry Candle on Christmas Eve and fill your home with Good fortune for the following year. (American twist on Louisiana and West Florida Creoles belief of the Lit Wax Myrtle candle in general.)

Our Bayberry Candles are cold poured into each molds and with our reknowned Southern Hospitality in small batches.

  • Made of Real Bayberry Wax {Wax Myrtle/Mickleberry}
  • Purifies the air in your home/office
  • Kills germs that linger in the air
  • Pleasing Spicy Balsamic aroma
  • Aroma is agreeable to All genders
  • Doesn’t melt easily in hot home/office environments
  • Flame burns blue or red
  • Flame long lasting
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • GMO-free
  • Historically known as “Thee Beeswax Candle Alternative”
  • Once considered More Beautiful than Beeswax Candles.
  • Once adored by the French Monarchs & her court
  • Reusable
  • Environmentally friendly