New Orleans Mardi Gras Flambeaux

Pear Botanical Pillar Candle { 3 x 6 }
Beautiful Candle handpoured outside of New Orleans. Artisan candle made with World renowned Louisiana Myrtle wax (bayberry wax), and Handpicked pears from The World Famous New Orleans French Market are sliced and sun dried. The sun dried sliced pears are placed inside a 3 x 6 metal candle mold. The wick of this beautiful Pear botanical pillar candle is hand dipped in Louisiana Bayberry wax, a Créole/Acadien Coton Jaune string and cut to size before placing inside the Metal Candle mold.


Louisiana Bayberry wax (Myrtle wax), Sundried and sliced Pears, a few drops of Natural pear fragrance oil and hand dipped into wax Coton Jaune string (wick)