New Orleans Mardi Gras Flambeaux

Orange scented beeswax candle
  • Louisiana beeswax
  • Louisiana Oranges from the French market
  • Louisiana pine rosin
  • organic/natural Orange essential oil; Therauptic grade
  • hemp wicks

  • Honey and Orange blossom scented Louisiana beeswax candle. Handpicked sliced Louisiana Oranges from the New Orleans French Market and embedded in Louisiana beeswax candles and scented with Organic/Natural Orange blossom essential oil. This Orange blossom scented beeswax candle naturally have an sweet honey aroma. Louisiana beeswax is sweeter than any beeswax in the other 49 states of America. Once the beeswax candle has hardened, it is hand dipped into Louisiana pine rosin (colophony) to added Amber shellac to this beautiful pleasant smelling candle. Spiraled orange peels are embedded at the top of this candle. The hicks are four Louisiana pine rosin and beeswax dipped hemp to create a Flambeau. Truly an one of a kind experience and Louisiana Créole product. You won't find this candle no where else. Buy one today!