Natural Mosquito Repellent | Burning Juniper Berries

Natural Mosquito Repellent | Burning Juniper Berries

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Time 9:35 am Date 10 July 2020

The Burning of Juniper berries has been a pastime of the Greek empire.

Once the summer seasons has arrived here in Southwestern Louisiana, mosquitoes run havoc to our surroundings. Us Créoles begin our habitual routine cleaning and purification to repel and protect our love ones and our selves from these female blood suckers. Like other tropical, excessive heat prone regions and humid areas, we are historical known to have mosquito bars around are beds and screen on windows, doors and patios.

To purify the air and repel menacing mosquitoes, we burn the berries of the juniper bush.

What is the Juniper bush ?

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