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Weekly Meal Planning for October 14 - 20, 2018

Yesterday, before Sabbath, my husband asked me to take a look at the spreadsheet he had just created in Google docs. He had complete a meal plan for the upcoming week of October 8 through the 13. Of course, his meal plan spreadsheet consist of the usual casual low key meals we typically have been consuming such as grain cereals and pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches and salads for lunch and traditional dinners of red beans, white beans, spelt peas, french green beans, succotash, and jambalaya for suppers. I wanted to do something different yet was along the lines of Créole traditions and that was to eat seasonally. And, in order to eat more foods which were in season here in the Southern east part of Louisiana, we would have to say goodbye to eat the Créole tradition of eat beans and rice throughout the week. Which is definitely fine, I look at it as giving us plenty of time to try other Louisiana Créole meals we would get a chance to eat while also planting enough beans during this hiatus. When we decide to consume beans of all sorts again we will have more than enough and won’t have to depend on store brought packs of beans. Sorry Camellia! Well, maybe not too sorry.

So, in order to effectively meal plan for the week after next, I have research what fruits, vegetables, legumes, sport and game are in season for this month of October. With a little of digging, here is what is in season for October in New Orleans’ Orleans and Jefferson Parish area.