UCM Designs is an Authentic New Orleans Creole beauty, baby care, home cleaning, greeting cards, stationary and fabric designing business. All of the products offered by UCM Designs are hand crafted in the Southern part of Louisiana outside New Orleans. UCM Designs relocated after Hurricane Katrina and the levees breakage destroyed our fair city.

UCM Designs was established in the spring of 2003 but its owner was making her fine organic beauty and cleaning products, greeting cards, home decor and stationary a year or two before her company was established in New Orleans.

Each product offered by UCM Designs are made in the Tradition of New Orleans Soap industry influenced by the Old Countries who shaped our fair city, New Orleans, Frances, Spain, Africa, Jerusalem, Israel, Ireland, German, Portugal, China and Italy. Influence are infused with the New Country culture such as Native American and Mexican.

Our personal care and home cleaning products are made using the caldron Method of soapmaking and with local native/ indigenous tallow, vegetable oils, and etc. When applicable we will use Certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan plant, vegetable, and fruit oils and essential oils, since most of our native medical plants are disappearing due to wet land and water issues to our State lands. Our products are packaged in glass bottles to give each product an ambulant New Orleans and aristocratic Louisiana Creole feel and look. Each product is tagged with the owner original artwork, the "Creole Lady". The artwork is hand drawing on card stock and fastened onto each product with a satin or silk ribbon. Our products are not and has not been tested on animals nor humans. A very few of our products are made with tallow and potash. This is a Louisiana Creole tradition and the soaps made this way have been traditionally used by the most famous chefs of New Orleans.

Our fabric are designs by stretch original artwork, then drawing them out and coloring with water color or markers. If farther desire that artwork is drawn again on Bamboo notebook app on an Android tablet such as Dell Venue or Samsung Note. Each original piece is send to the printers after evaluation. Each artwork is also heavily influence by the Multiculturism of New Orleans and Louisiana Creoles. Spiritualism and religion is also heavily influenced and infused in our greeting cards, stationary and home decor. Sit back and enjoy a taste of New Orleans and the culture of Louisiana Creole, Natives to Louisiana.

Our contact information

By email:webmaster@ucmdesigns.com
By standard mail:
UCM Designs.
Kenner, Louisiana, USA, 70065

By phone:

For wholesale orders, we have limited orders for retailers and manufactures for more information please email @ webmaster@ucmdesigns.com

Shipping Information:

Because My Fabrics are personally Hand dyed and Hand Painted by myself, Orders ship out 1-5 weeks. Please Email Me if you have any questions, I will be happy to hear from you and answer your questions. I give you a special thanks for shopping your us.
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