Authentic Creole Iced Coffee Recipe

Authentic Creole Iced Coffee Recipe

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13 July 2020; Time 3:30. pm

This is an Authentic Créole Recipe that is well over 100 years old.

Yesterday, I was in the middle of conversation with moi Maman, and she just mentioned that she had just drank a nice bottle of iced coffee form Starbuck. Yes, Louisiana Creole enjoy drinking Starbucks here and there. My husband’s cousin who located after the levees broke in New Orleans to St Louis Missouri among Americans and Missouri Creoles, regularly enjoy her frequent Starbucks run. For moi Maman, this was a easy accessible ready made chiled coffee she could cool herself down while enduring this current heat wave we are having in southwestern Louisiana around and in New Orleans. Every Creoles, including those New Orleans Creoles know No coffee will ever take the place of Creole Coffee. Sipping on a nice cooled iced coffee during Southern Louisiana Highly humid and Sweltering Heat is a Creole tradition going back over 500 years.

Utensil You Will Need

  • Duralex Tumbler
  • Tablespoon

  • Ingredients

  • Just Brewed Café Du Monde Créole Coffee or Cafe Du Monde Créole Coffee with Chicory
  • Domino White Sugar or Domino Cane Sugar

  • How to Cook:

  • Pour Just brewed and now at room temperature, Creole Coffee such as Cafe Du Monde créole coffee or Cafe Du Monde créole coffee with chicory into a Duralex glass tumbler

  • Stir a tablespoon worth Domino white or cane sugar into the glass tumbler until the sugar dissolves.

  • Inside your Duralex glass tumbler put a few cracked ice.

  • Take room just brewed temperature Creole Coffee and pour the Coffee over the cracked iced resting inside the another glass tumbler.

  • Tip

      Place the Duralex glass tumbler inside the freezer and let it sit for awhile before placing the cracked ice and room temperature creole coffee. The ice will not melt down as fast and the coffee will become more refreshing it is drunken, even it the Creole coffee is placed in the refrigerator prior to pouring onto the cracked ice.

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