How to make a Will o the Wisp ?

How to make a Will o the Wisp ?

How to make a Will o the Wisp ?
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Feu fillet, filoye in Kourvini (Louisiana Creole), - in Chacta (Choctaw) is a evil spirit or demon that comes to an onlooker on la veille à la Toussaint (All Hallow’s eve) evening. The evil spirit or demon appears as a beautiful mesmerizing light of blue, green, pink or silver. The feu fillet lores the mesmerized and intrigued observer towards a body of water such as a swamp, lake, river, or forest to be drowned or torn to death. Feu fillet, fifolye, _ , to Louisiana Créoles are a Superstitious believe of an supernatural object lesson to stay clear and far away from if your value your life. A Will o the Wisp, American English translation of Feu fillet, fifolye and _ , is the Louisiana Créoles version of a Jack a Lantern (Jack o’lantern). In this article I am going to show you how to make a Feu fillet, fifolye, _.

You will need a blue globe or bubble glass bowl the size doesn't matter.

For a better look, curb appeal, pick three different sizes of blue glass bowls place the largest size in the back and the second largest bowl to the left of the largest bowl and a bit in front of the largest bowl and the smallest to the right of the largest bowl.,

Make sure to place the smallest bowl a little bit in front of largest bowl.

Melt the bottom of the candle to the places in the largest bowl a the bottom a bit with a torch.

If you don't have a torch place the bottom of the Pillar candle flushed at the bottom a candle pitcher. Place the candle pitcher on the range burner and turn the burner on low.

Make sure the candle Pillar is fused and move the candle pillar around a bit in a circle pattern of your are using a cylinder shaped candle pillar of your are using a squared pillar candle instead.

Once the candle pillar starts to melt at the bottom remove from the candle pitcher and place in the largest globe bowl in the center apply a bit force the candle pillar so that the candle pillar bottom cools and sticks securely to the bottom of the globe bowl.

Repeat until all globe bowls has a securely settled at the bottom of the each globe bowl.

For more. Decorative curb appeal, place a bit of Spanish miss around each glass - the bottom of the blue globe bowl.

This will cause a dramatic effect when evening has arrived and the candles are lot, the glow from the candles and the blue glass will give onlookers and all hallow's eve visitors that appears of a will o the wisp. Almost like the one seen in Disney 's Brave that Marida was guided to the Witch's cottage tucked away in the forest.

These will o the wisp will look good against the entry way of your home, esp decoratively against doorway shutters draped on each door. It's shutters . Fall leaves garland is a L.A. Créole tradition.

Remember if a will o the wisp present itself to you on All Hallow's eve don't follow it or you're u will sure to meet your death. A lumina te the way to a tradition French Créoles treat for all Saint's dat La tourists ant.

Instead of placing the globe bowl at the doorway of your home, a line of glass globe bowls from the walkway to your doorway leading to your front door place candles in the globe bowls as stated above . If you don't want to have the wisps lining to your door, try leaving the bowl of candles and have the last of the stream of will o the wisps next to the place the bowl of the candies will rest.
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