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How to dye Easter eggs ?
How to dye Easter Eggs ?
How to dye Easter Eggs ?
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The French Croles/Mtis of the Louisiana territory dye our Paque/Pk (Easter) eggs differently than our American counter parts. Historical we used two plants we refer to as Paque plant, they are Baptisia sphaerocarpa, Baptisia bracteata laevicaulis and . Since these two plants are rarely available to Todays Croles society of the state of Louisiana, so any plant that is grown in our gardens has been used to dye Easter eggs. In this article I will show you how to dye Easter eggs with plant.

Steps on how to dye Paques (Pk) eggs 🥚 with Baptisia sphaerocarpa or Baptisia bracteata laevicaulis Leaves .

Kitchen utensils you will need: Saucepan or pot Wooden spoon or steel spoon Kitchen mitts

Ingredients Baptisia sphaerocarpa or Baptisia bracteata laevicaulis Leaves Purified water Hen eggs (Recommended: Creole Hen eggs)

Place the saucepan or pot on a range

Turn the range to high temperature setting

Pour purified water into the saucepan or pot. If you are using saucepan make sure the water level is almost filling up the saucepan.

For a pot, fill it up half way full. Place the clean Baptisia sphaerocarpa or Baptisia bracteata laevicaulis Leaves in the water.

Let the purified water boil. While you are waiting for the water to boil, gently clean your eggs. Make sure the hen eggs you are using dont have any cracks in them. If you find cracked eggs, throw them away in a trash box.

Once the water has boiled, placed one egg on a cooking spoon over the pot of sauce pan on boiling water. Slowing place the spoon with the egg on it inside the saucepan or pot until the spoon bottom touches the bottom on the saucepan or pot. Gentle release the egg by tilting the spoon and slowly lifting the spoon up and out of the water.

Continue until the pot or saucepan is filled with eggs that are underneath the water line.

Let the hen eggs boil in the purified water with Baptisia sphaerocarpa or Baptisia bracteata laevicaulis Leaves for ten to fifteen minutes.

Once the hen eggs are fine dying you can turn the range off. If you want a dark colored yellow hue of Paque/Pk) Easter eggs, let the eggs sit in the water with Baptisia sphaerocarpa or Baptisia bracteata laevicaulis Leaves for about 10 minutes or more. This is up to you. The longer the eggs sit in the natural dye water the darker the color yellow Easter eggs will be. If you choose to let your Easter eggs sit in the natural dye water you will not give your hard boiled Easter eggs a cold water bath.

Once your Paque/Pk (Easter) eggs are the desired colored, remove the eggs from the water into a clean bowl. Let dry and place inside your Easter baskets. Or, set aside for Easter egg hunt. Maybe paquing.

If you are happy the way your Paque/Pk ( Easter) eggs once the eggs are finished boiling, turn your range off and with your oven mitts remove the pot or saucepan from the range. Take it to the sink and remove the leaves and throw the away. Drain the water from the pot and pour purified cold water over the eggs until all the dyed eggs are fully covered with water. Let eggs set in the cold water for five to ten minutes. Once the cold water bath is complete, remove the dyed eggs from the pot and place in your Easter baskets, in a large bowl to set aside for an Easter egg hunt or most of all paquing.

Well, that was the Crole way to Dye and hard boil Paque/Pk eggs. I hope you enjoyed making our version of Easter eggs.

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