New Orleans Mardi Gras Flambeaux

Easter egg hunt Easter egg hunt
Children all over the world, when Easter is upon us, will love their Easter hunts for Brightly and rich dyed eggs. New Orleans Créole children experience their Easter egg hunts quite differently than American children. Everyone is quite aware of Paque-Paque and Southern Louisiana Créole children playing this game their inherited from France. It is a shame that when the game Paque Paque is discussed that Louisiana Creoles are absent from this topic.

While American children are exploring joyously around their yards, parks and church grounds for Easter eggs, Créoles Children especially in New Orleans, explore joyously and with delight through St Louis Ceremetry to find Paque eggs. All Souls Day, is not the only time Créole Families make time and celebrate passed on love ones. Easter is celebrated with them and among their resting place.

Easter egg represents resurrection of life, in better words, the reborn of life.

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