Authentic Creole Stew Recipe

Authentic Creole Stew Recipe

Authentic Creole Stew Recipe
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26 July 2020. 1:05 Am

Yesterday evening, I had a rather nice conversation with moi Mère. I had called her to check on her and get an update on my Grand-mère Wilhelmina. Over last week, my grand-Mère was diagnosed with Covid - 19. As of day eight, she is doing better than she was but constantly states how much discomfort she is in. My Nonc stopped by moi grand-Mère with his lovely stew and I am happy to report than countless hours amongst her home isolation with her daughters nursing her back to health, she was able to eat his stew.

Everything we Creoles eat has a purpose and sometimes then most what we consume has a deep down medical suppose. Our summer stew is no different.

How to cook

Cut up chicken

Chop two onions.

How to chop ie finely

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