New Orleans Mardi Gras Flambeaux

créole Christmas Ornaments
Crochet Snowflakes Hand crochet snowflakes are one of the few Christmas Ornament that adorn a Créole Christmas tree. Since no snowflake is the same or identical, a different variety of snowflakes are crochet with a crochet hook and crochet thread. If crochet thread is not used _______ is used by Louisiana Créoles of New Orleans as a substitute.

Tatted snowflakes. Just like a crochet snowflakes, tatted snowflakes are hand made using a tatted or sewing needle. LIke crocheting and knitting, tatting is one of the many handicraves that Louisiana Créoles learn as little girls.

Egg cups. Egg cups might be something to most as unusual. Well several thing in Louisiana and at time New Orleans are anything but unusual. Egg cups are tiny circular cups without a bottom , painted on the outside and dainty lace glued along the lip of the cup. The purpose of this unique egg cups are to house our most beloved pillow mints. Well Amercans and Most Europeans drape their Christmas trees with white and red, or multi colored Candy canes, us, Louisiana Créoles get out mint fetish satisfied by indulging in delicate powdery pastel pillow mints.

Shaped fabric ornaments. Heart shaped or not, hand stitched fabric ornaments are make there way onto a Créole Christmas Tree. The shapes are equal measured and cut out of the choice fabric. The creole Cotton batting or gulf coast wool felt is used to fell the inside of the fabric ornament. Last but least the edges of the fabric ornament is hand stitched and fastening closed. The shaped fabric ornaments are hung on the Christmas tree by ribbon. A ribbon is hand stitched on the top of the fabric ornament in a shape of a loop.

Wooden Christmas ornaments. Handmade and hand painted wooden Christmas ornaments such as a Traditional colored Santa Claus are placed on a Créole. Christmas tree. The type my parents use to have and are long gone since the levels broke in August of 2005, eBay finds may get you anything close to what I am taking about. I have saw a wooden nutcracker on Amazon as a result in unpainted wooden Christmas ornaments. The body build was very similar to the Santa Clauses we use to have adorn the many Christmas tree we have had over the years. Other wooden Christmas ornaments would also be hand carved by the many hand wooden carvers in Louisiana. Like us Créole girls, the most Créole boys learn to hand carve wood. Hand carved natives are also used as Christmas decoration in a Créole home.

Ribbons. Ribbons are used as a Christmas ornaments for the Créole Christmas tree. The are not wrapped around the tree like garland would have been but the ribbons are tied as bows. The ribbons are also made into star such as the Froebel Star that most of us are familiar with seeing in drug and grocery stores to stick on Christmas gifts. The ribbon stars and bows are hung on the Christmas tree.

Candles. Candles are handmade with mouton or beef tallow or suet., especially if the beloved max Myrtle (Americans call Bayberry) is not available. Wax Myrtle (Bayberry) candles are handmade and tied on to the limbs of the Christmas tree branches. The same is said for suet or tallow candles. Some times a mixture of bayberry and tallow is used to create candles. The candles are tied onto the Christmas tree branches with or with out the German glass Christmas candle holders.

Small tiny gifts. Since Christmas which as Traditional celebrated on New Years Day and more of a religious day of commemoration, small gifts, candies and fruit were traditionally given amongst family members. Well just like the pillow mints cupped inside the egg cups ornaments mentioned above, tiny gifts are hung on a Créole Christmas tree.

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