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Cold Remedy : Onion juice and SugarCold remedy : Onion juice and Sugar {Old Authentic Louisiana Créole remedy}
If you find yourself sick with a cold just shy of the upcoming Cold and flu season, this Authentic and very old Louisiana Creole cold remedy might do the trick of combating a cold. Throughout the summer months, Louisiana Créoles prepare their bodies for the winter months temperature and environmental changes and strengthening their immune system during these months by consuming sassafras tea. Yet, since the summer seasons as come and gone and we are fully enthralled in the fall season, drink sassafras tea is not going aid you in the Battle you are already with a cold. There are several ways Louisiana Créoles treat colds and onion juice mixed with a bit of sugar is one of them.

What you will need

  • a glass juicer, stone juicer, or blender {Hand or stand}
  • a spoon
  • wooden cutting board
  • chopping or paring knife
  • terra-cotta mug
  • handkerchief

  • Ingredients

  • créole onion
  • Louisiane Cane Sugar

  • This recipe is straight forward. Clean and peel the créole onion and place it on top of the wooden cutting board, preferably in the center of the cutting board. Cut the créole onion directly in the center as if you were cutting an orange in its center to share with some one else. Take one half of the créole onion and place the flat side on the juicer and press the sides of the onion half that is in your hand. Turn the onion half clockwise and squeeze it a bit. Continue until you squeeze all of the juice from the créole onion half. Do the same with the other onion half that is still on the wooden cutting board, unless the bowl part of your juicer is filled with onion juice. If so, remove the top part of the juice which is used to extract the juice from the onion from its base and pour the juice into a terracotta mug. If you are not familiar with a terracotta mug, it is a brown earthen mug made from terracotta that is popularly known in Mexican and Indian culture. These terracotta mugs don't have any handles. Louisiana Créoles use the same type of terracotta mugs, the Mexican cousins and Indian people use to administer our tisanes and remedies.

    If your juice is not filled up with onion juice then preceding squeeze the juice from the other onion half. Once you have successfully squeezed out all of the juice from both halves of the créole onion, turn in a tablespoonful of sugar. If you desire more sugar for taste, stir in another tablespoonful of sugar. Get well.