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Christmas in July Where to put Bayberry Candles

In the front room (living room/family room/ grand room)

Let's begin in the front room of your home, a lovely place to place a bayberry pillar candle is on a window seal that faces the front of your home. It is historical and generational to place a candle in the window during the Christmas season. It is noted that the Tradition is Irish yet others have written that this custom is ancient. More than like the candle that is lit and placed in the window is a bayberry candle influenced and inspired by the Chacta and Louisiana Créole custom. The believe of placing a lit bayberry candle is to light the way for Mary Jesus and Joseph and for wayward travelers. Place a butter plate with a bayberry pillar candle in the center of the butter plate on the center of the window seal if there is enough room for the butter plate to rest on the window ledge. If not, place the butter plate on an end table, at the center thereof, and place the end table where the bayberry pillar candle centers the window. Place a hurricane glass over the bayberry pillar candle. To decorate where your bayberry candle rest, place Christmas roses around the bottom of the butter plate on the end table. Or place a small Créole boxwood, holly, and bur around the butter plate that the Bayberry Candle sits on. Another, decorative idea, is to place lemons, oranges and Magnolia leaves around the butter plate on the end table. If any of these aren't appealing, place pine cones encased in Amber around the butter plate on the table.

If you decide to places your bayberry pillar candle on an end table, side table or cocktail/coffee table, place your bayberry candle on a butter plate or not. Bayberry pillar candle is placed on a butter plate to collect the melted bayberry wax and so wax will not destroy your furniture. Place a hurricane glass vase over your candle. The hurricane glass vase is optional. Decorate in the same manner given for the candle in the window in first paragraph. If you have bayberry votives instead a bayberry pillar candle, place a Christmas tree on the end table, side table or cocktail/coffee table and set votives around the tiny Christmas tree. Make sure to place votive in a saucer or sauce bowl small enough to hold the votive but don't take up too much space on the end table. To decorate, place a bunch of Christmas Roses around the potted Christmas tree and each saucer that holds each bayberry votive. Or, place small oranges, lemons and magnolia leaves around the bottom of the vase that holds the Christmas tree. If this doesn't due, instead of lemons, oranges and magnolia leaves, place bur, Créole boxwood and Holly leaves around the potted Christmas tree and votive bayberry candles. Another way to decorate your end table with your small Christmas tree and bayberry votive candles is simply placing Amber encased pinecones around the bottom of the potted Christmas tree and in between each bayberry votive candles.