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Black Bean Soup Recipe

Preparation Instruction

  • The first ingredient you will add to your black beans is salt. You will need 1 tablespoonful of salt to add to your black beans before adding the seasonings. Take a mortar and pester and place a small amount of salt (in rock form) inside the mortar. Used the pester to crush the salt until it is in a small crystal form. When done crushing the salt, remove from the mortar and take a tablespoon and spoon up the salt inside it. Gentle place the tablespoon on the prep table, away from mortar, pester and salt and where you intend to been cooking. It could be the very same prep table you are using right now, the clean surface of a countertop or peninsula. Place the salt rock that you used to crush and remove 1 tablespoonful worth of salt into a tablespoon into a clean dry store container such as a apothecary jar with a wood or cork top. Clean and dry the mortar and pester if need and clean the prep table surface if any salt remains on the surface top.

  • The second ingredient and the first seasoning you will need to enhance the flavor to your black bean soup is, black pepper. You will need 1/3 cup of black pepper to season your black beans. Take a handful of black peppercorn from its packaging or from its plant, if you are a gardener, and rest them inside the mortar and pester to crush and grind the black peppercorn into small tiny bits of black peppercorn.

  • Open the bag of black beans and pour into a clean pot or colander. Place the pot or colander inside of a kitchen sink and position the pot or colander underneath the kitchen faucet.