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Benefits of Cucumbers Benefits of Cucumbers
Septemb 11, 2017 5:55 pm cst Chénier

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Cucumbers does wonders for the skin and hair. In the beauty department, cucumbers are a girl's best friend. To keep your skin and hair youthful and refreshed, eat a few slices of cucumbers or bathe with a nice refreshing sweet aromatic bubble gum scented cucumber soap. Cucumbers are filled with water and fibers that hydrate the skin. A nice fruit to have handy when you need to get into your rage in, the daily water you .need . By eating cucumbers to decrease that water daily intake by the glass. Water helps with your skin and hair from looking dull and aged. Staying hydrated and moisturizes is key to a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Cucumbers is 96 percent water. Add the water content amount and mineral, silica of cucumbers, you will have well hydrated, strong and shiny skin and hair.

Cucumbers also are enriched multiple vitamins B and most of these B Vitamins help with stress which also correlates to your hair and skin. These multiple vitamin B are, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B7, which common name is Biotin. Biotin has been the premiere vitamin for healthy hair, nails and skin. When we are stressed, unfortunately, it shows, on our largest organ, our delicate skin, and our hair strands. For a boost in your immune systems and energy, cucumbers will help tremendously, with this due in part to the vitamin A, C, and B it has in it. Cucumbers give spinach and carrots a run for their money in these key areas. Vitamin A, B, C intake results in radiant hair and skin.

Trivia: Kokòm, Kokònm are both Louisiana Créole words for Cucumber. Cocombre and Concombre are both Louisiana French words for Cucumber. Cocombe is the Missouri French* for cucumber. {Paw Paw; the language of the Upper Louisiana Creoles. This language has a close relationship with also French. The Louisiana Creoles and Upper Louisiana Créole co-existed and intermingled. This has been lost to history.}