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Country Bayberry Pillar Candle
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Enjoy the pleasant spicy yet woodsy smell of Louisiana créole (Country) Bayberry pillar candle, which was beloved by the now gone French monarchy, ignited the Eastern United States’ and Europe’s love and fasination with Louisiana wax Myrtle tree and her wax, the bayberry wax. American and European curiosity about the indigenous Louisiana créole bayberry wax from one of the Créole State’s Wax Myrtle tree*, lead to their extensive search for other bayberry tree varieties, hence the Pennsylvania Bayberry candle industry and Louisiana créole bayberry trees planted in Europe and other parts of the world for candle and soap production.

*Yes, there is More than One Indigenous Louisiana Bayberry tree. Americans and Europeans only discovered Morella cerifera and this lead to a growing production of Bayberry Candles from the Louisiana créole bayberry tree. Only a small interest after their observance of the indigenous Native peoples (Native Americans and Louisiana Créoles) collecting the bayberries, boiling to remove the wax and creating candles thereof, that the Pennsylvanian bayberry, Japanese Bayberry and African Bayberry. The Louisiana Créole bayberry tree, Myrica certifera, Mortella certifera reign (still does) supreme.

  • Louisiana bayberry wax (Morella certifera; known to Louisiana Créoles as wax Myrtle/ Cire)
  • Cotton wick