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Louisiana Wax Myrtle Soap | Bayberry Soap

Oktob | Octob is International Créole Heritage Month. What more than to Celebrate this rich Truly Unique Heritage of Louisiana Créoles and experience the La Créole Secrets Toillette Chandliers Apothecaries Potpouri et Thés. Indulge in Essence of Paradise.
White Tallow Berries Soap
A Historical German soap known as Silver Soap. Silver soap gets its color because it is made solely of all vegetable tallows and oils. Don't let Christmas Silver bells be the only thing silver you enjoy this Holiday Season Our White Tallow berries soap is inspired by Christmas Tradition of Charleston's and South Carolina's White Tallow berries wreaths.

The Chinese Tallow berry trees are considered an invasive pest to the Cajun and Creole plantations and Chenier prairies of Louisiana and Texas. To the local Cajun and Creole plantations known considered Chonese tallow berries as an excellent source for biodiesel.

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