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Louisiana Wax Myrtle Soap | Bayberry Soap

Oktob | Octob is International Créole Heritage Month. What more than to Celebrate this rich Truly Unique Heritage of Louisiana Créoles and experience the La Créole Secrets Toillette Chandliers Apothecaries Potpouri et Thés. Indulge in Essence of Paradise.
Shop ProductsShop Products that are handmade using All natural Chinese Vegetable tallow. Made in southeast Louisiana. Vegan. All natural.
Vegan Soap | Savons, Candles | Bougies | Chandliers, and much more made from Chinese Vegetable Tallow from the Chinese tallow trees, Chinese soapberry trees and Louisiana Myrtle Vegetable tallow from the Historical Louisiana Myrtle ( Bayberry) tree. The Chinese tallow trees are grown in our backyard and are all natural free of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. The kernels from the Chinese tallow tree is removed from its shell and boiled in Kentwood distilled water. And once, the vegetable tallow floats to the surface of the water, the vegetable tallow is collected and stored aside to make soap. Or simply, placed in a wax pitcher to pour in ball glass to create all natural Chinese vegetable tallow candles. Creating True Vegan soaps and candles.

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