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Louisiana Wax Myrtle Soap | Bayberry Soap

Oktob | Octob is International Créole Heritage Month. What more than to Celebrate this rich Truly Unique Heritage of Louisiana Créoles and experience the La Créole Secrets Toillette Chandliers Apothecaries Potpouri et Thés. Indulge in Essence of Paradise.
All natural and vegan lip balms made with Louisiana Bayberry wax (Myrtle wax/Laurel wax) or Exotic Chinese Vegetable tallow (homegrown) and Olive oil imported from Spain. Soothing, healing, nourishing and conditioning Traditional Louisiana Créole lip balm. Handmade in accordance with Louisiana Créole and Cajun and Native American folk healing and remedies tradition. {We made no claims nor promises. We simply want to give you a treat from our La Créole, Cajun and First Nation Customs and Culture. ☺️💓}

La Créole | Kréyòl | Criollo | Crioulo | Der Creole Secrets de toilette, Chandelles et Thés